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Mercedes-Benz - Total cost of ownership

Total cost of ownership

About this project

Mercedes-Benz Vans currently have three different models in their range. Each of these models are the least expensive option in their own classes. This has to do with the total cost of ownership, in this calculation everything from A to Z is taken into account.

My role

Award-winning Dutch agency N=5 asked Buyerminds to make a campaign site to increase the conversion rates for their campaign about the total cost of ownership. As a Lead Visual Designer on this project I created a new style, led the design process, oversaw developers and made sure everything was executed perfectly as was initially meant.

Safety first

As a premium car brand, Mercedes-Benz is all about comfort and safety. For their renewed range of models they have introduced multiple new safety features that defines their premium feeling.

Tyre pressure sensor

The Tyre Pressure Monitor tracks your vehicle's tire pressures and can warn you of pressure loss.

Electronic Stability Program

Adaptive ESP assists the driver in critical handling situations, ensuring greater safety.

PTC element

Thawed frozen windshields extra fast.

Light and rain sensors

The light and rain sensor automatically adapts the lights and the wipers to suit weather conditions.

The same experience on every device

All pages were designed to work across all devices and screen sizes to give every potential consumer, accessing the site on different devices, the perfect experience.

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