Ruben Kos

SEAT - Online identity

Online identity

About this project

Car brand, SEAT, needed a new website to match their new design direction towards a younger and sportier brand. With all their different car models and a wide audience this was a great challenge.

My role

As a Lead Visual Designer on this project for Buyerminds, I worked with a mixed team of incredibly qualified people on tight deadlines. I led the design process, oversaw developers and made sure the overall style we created was maintained.

Six car models to choose from

SEAT has six car models where clients can choose from. We gave each car model their own color so the different models could be easily recognized. By doing so we also used SEAT's new color palette appropriately.

So, how many pages?

During the process of creating their new website we created over 30 page templates with loads of different elements. These templates were all being implemented into a new CMS being used by PON, the exclusive importer of Volkswagen, Skoda, SEAT and Audi.

Want to know more about this project?

Let's have a talk and I can show you more details about this project, and answer any questions you may have.