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Zilveren Kruis - Content design
Zilveren Kruis

Content design

About this project

Every year during the month of november and december, people in the Netherlands are able to switch from their current health care insurer. By doing so, people can save a lot of money. Naturally the health care insurer advertises heavily during these months. For Zilveren Kruis we had to redo most of their content pages to increase conversion rates.

My role

We were using the ‘Scrum method’ during this project as we were working closely together with Zilveren Kruis' Digital Agency 'Resoluut' on this project. Resoluut's Art Director was in lead of the design process and oversaw all of my work. We tried to maintain the overall style with our team at Buyerminds, while also improving the one year old site that Resoluut had created in the first place.

If you would like to see more

Below you'll find some of the additional pages I designed for this project.

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